bioLINIA is a cross-disciplinary design collaborative, inspired by environments both imagined and real, practiced through drawing, painting, designing, and building. Olek Zemplinski & Becky Nix opened bioLINIA in 2006 after working for architectural firms in Los Angeles, California. Olek was raised in Warsaw, Poland and Becky in Detroit, Michigan.

Architectural Illustration
The integration of visualization techniques that have been used in conceptual artwork for the motion picture, automotive, and product design industries is dominate throughout our work. This technique, known as digital painting, opens unlimited possibilities that originate from skills and experience in traditional analog techniques (ie. oil, acrylic, pencil sketching, etc) and enables us to focus on the atmosphere, emotional impact, and individual character of our client’s designs from the early stages of conception. We are able to work with highly detailed 3D models or designs that have not yet been established.

Design-Build | Architecture
Experimentation and research of materials and structures in the built world.

Graphics | Branding & Identity
Communicating through graphic interventions and giving identity to ideas, notions, & brands.